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To art is to feed the soul to feed the soul is to create to create is to grow to grow is to Be You For You, your best self.

Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

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Behind The Craftsmanship


Simply Just Lalita is a means to enlighten or shed light on what we are afraid to do ourselves. To be outside our norm and to understand that it is normal to be yourself despite what others expect from us. Simply Just Lalita is abstract or out the box. To challenge our artistic way of being through the expression of what is given to us before we enter this world. Our soul's purpose is to hear and act from within. Be bold in what artistically is you. To be fearless in your expression is to be authentically you.


Nature is endless and bountiful in her entirety. She has given birth to many life forms and within in those life forms came gemstones. These gemstones have the specific purpose to heal. Their beauty has been a means of worship, fortune, and adornment. In their innumerable ways of being honored in time, they manifest life after life with their mission to transcend what was and what is to be in all of us.


Gemstones use their uniqueness and authentic beauty to attract and help us understand how there can be incredible beauty in imperfection should you decide to look deeper. In honor of them, I offer you these Ascending Creations from Simply Just Lalita in hopes that you dare to be different but most of all to simply just BE YOU FOR YOU.


Handmade Jewelry by Simply Just Lalita

Handmade jewelry made with love from high quality gemstones