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To art is to feed the soul to feed the soul is to create to create is to grow to grow is to Be You For You, your best self.

Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

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What I Feel To Be Me

Jan 7th 2019

Wisdom By Silence

What Is Silence?A time to commune with yourself intentionally. A quiet openness to receive insight and guidance without the opinion of others. Silence

Nov 7th 2018

How I Gave Myself Permission To Dream Big

What does it mean for me to give?I think back to my tender age of five when I lived in a one bedroom apartment in Washington D.C with my brother, moth

Oct 9th 2018

What Do You See?

Internal ObservationWhile you're here sitting, what do you see as you look around you? What do you feel?I see happy people right now, people who are g

Sep 19th 2018


A Human BEINGWhat should I write about today? What is it that needs or wants to be heard?I sit, I think, and I begin to feel...Be.....To just BE or no

Sep 10th 2018

Courage To Not Pretend

Pretending, to pretend is to PRE-TENDI ask, "what is pretending?" I hear, "Pretending is to act out of result to get a reaction from or to. To pr