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To art is to feed the soul to feed the soul is to create to create is to grow to grow is to Be You For You, your best self.

Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

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Sep 19th 2018


What should I write about today? What is it that needs or wants to be heard?

I sit, I think, and I begin to feel...


To just BE or not to BE...EITHER WAY, THERE IS BEING.

One thing I've noticed within myself is starting my business is that I have gotten lost in the momentum of going and going without stopping. Now, most would think this is great, its what marketing is supposed to be like. To some extent, yes this is true, BUT on the one hand, this can be extremely detrimental. Detrimental may seem drastic to use, but in my case, it's absolutely perfect. Why is it perfect? For the simple fact that as an artist I lose my creative clarity when I get into a robotic type of mindset. For my field of creativity, my antenna receives static, and I am unable to feel, hear, or even see what truly needs to come through.

It is not my way of being to work unconsciously. Everything I touch must be transformed into something higher, to have depth and meaning. To really make a profound impact it has to be moved by the divine, by God. I am only the conduit or messenger who receives and makes it come to material fruition, ascending creations.

For me to hear, feel, and be, I must take time to just BE. I must learn to be a human that is BEING. It is not in the cards for me to be robotic this life, God has other plans for me, and indeed for all of us. So I must with great sincerity and love from my heart to yours, encourage you to take time to just BE. To learn in baby steps how to BE in your day to day activities no matter how busy you are. Keep in mind that you are a human being, not a robot.

One day that body will no longer BE. Try not to worry about how uncomfortable it feels at first or what people will say, YOU ARE NOT LAZY. You are merely BEING without giving up on yourself. You are RECHARGING your life-force so you can make a better impact with your God-given propensities this life. To BE we help ourselves and others ascend to our highest potential in a lifetime. We are humans BEING.

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