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Courage To Not Pretend

Courage To Not Pretend

Sep 10th 2018

Pretending, to pretend is to PRE-TEND

I ask, "what is pretending?"

 I hear, "Pretending is to act out of result to get a reaction from or to. To pretend is not real because it enables you to not be your true self. The true self is when you allow yourself to let go and believe in what you stand for without fear of judgment from others."

"To let go and be for yourself despite what others may believe for you. To pretend is to be current with yourself. To honor and value your own honesty to self before others."

I curiously ask, "when am I pretending with myself?"

I am then taken aback by an honest truth, hearing, " you pretend when you agree with someone even when you do not agree; just to make them feel more validated before you value your own validation. You pre-tend when you do not allow yourself to speak up out of fear. Each time you don't speak up when you feel the need to do so, you doubt your essence. You question your strength which then feeds to your own insecurity."

Me, "How can I really speak up for myself, where can I find the strength to do this?"

"By DOING. DOING is action. Action speaks volumes. ACTION manifest. Start little by little in stepping stones. Take courage in that out of one day each week at least once in a day you spoke up for yourself in sincere honesty. You are victorious. You won the battle for that day. Concentrate and there will be a change to come about. Change for the future change.

"COURAGE: look up the definition and keep it near you every day. Read it and see it."

"Take courage every day! Pray it! Live it! Be it! Give it!"

.....Reflections of my internal conversations

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