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How I Gave Myself Permission To Dream Big

How I Gave Myself Permission To Dream Big

Nov 7th 2018

What does it mean for me to give?

I think back to my tender age of five when I lived in a one bedroom apartment in Washington D.C with my brother, mother, and father. On one particular night, I dressed up in my choli and gopi skirt because it was my father's birthday. I made an almost pocket-sized book compiled of small drawings of flowers and anything else I knew how to draw. I was so excited to give it to him that I also made presents for my mom and brother so they too could share in the joy of gifting. We all sat back and marveled and how special and unique everyone's gift was. To me at that moment meant everything.

In present day looking back on that memory I am reminded that giving is natural for me and it has always been from the heart. So now in this ever life-changing journey of creating my own business, I bring that mentality back to myself. I want to hold space for myself and offer gratitude and sincerity to my being the same way I would for anyone else.

By doing so, I feel like I can only imagine the outcomes of what positivity is in store for me. To be free in myself not holding back I am excited to watch myself unfold.

Raising my right hand, " I give myself permission to dream big." I now take my right hand and pat myself on the back of my left shoulder, and so it is!

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