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What Do You See?

What Do You See?

Oct 9th 2018

Internal Observation

While you're here sitting, what do you see as you look around you? What do you feel?

I see happy people right now, people who are genuinely curious about their surroundings. I see people who are admiring the beauty around them.

Do you see how in this state of clarity you see the good and positive in those around you? This is what is needed in helping you to shift your mentality.

You must really believe in it to be true, and it will be a reality. From this state, you are able to hear and feel what is right. When you are more aware of what is TRUTH in a situation or surrounding you don't dwell or meditate on what is harmful. You create a field of love and truth to live in for yourself and others. This is why you being an empath is so essential. You are learning to use the gift of feeling to see the truth in everything and everyone.

This is ever evolving for you in your life which is why you must regularly use this propensity. When you see the love in others, you know the love in yourself. Like a domino effect, it allows a certain kind of self-accepting love that goes from one person to another. A positive field that emanates for a higher purpose. To ascend in consciousness. We are all so connected that if one of us dares to be different, it makes way for inspiration to be sparked in another.

This is very impactful in a way that you cannot see with the naked eye. This is heart language, internal and in-depth through feeling.

I say, " that is amazing." Yes, it is, and once you see and experience it, your heart will genuinely sing with gratitude. You will be full because you are following your spiritual path, which is why you are here.

This is what it means to be of service to others. You are learning to come back to this space of peace with a calm mind. Just stay curious and make invitations from the heart.

" My divine I Am is the truth of who I Am."

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