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Wisdom By Silence

Wisdom By Silence

Jan 7th 2019

What Is Silence?

A time to commune with yourself intentionally. A quiet openness to receive insight and guidance without the opinion of others. Silence doesn't mean you are shutting the world out. It says you are choosing YOU, your wisdom as the only source. Silence has long been shunned as a negative throughout time because many have used it in vain.

So then one might ask, what is silence for us?

In a world as stimulating as today, we are constantly bombarded by each other's egos to perform and advance separately in a rat race of success. With this mentality comes distraction. Distraction feels essentially like our being; our true essence dwindles from us. We are conflicted inside out, outside in along with each other. We forget how whole we are in ourselves, so we then look outward to quench our many negative emotions. Fleeting nothin ever last because we continue to run away from ourselves.

We make up stories reliving the past staying stuck in unforgiving loops of pain and sorrow. We mask by not telling our exact truth out of fear of judgment.

Silence gives us the opportunity to dive deep into uncharted, untouched territory within ourselves. Silence at a time where there is a loud uproar of noise and chatter takes courage. Courage is needed when we go inside and face ourselves. We see where we have led ourselves astray, where we have lived most out of ego, and where we have abandoned love and compassion for ourselves and one another. Silence holds space for us to navigate and rediscover ourselves without distraction.

We learn more than we could ever know in silence because we begin to see our truth in each other. We begin to understand how we arenot as separate or different as we thought. We start to marvel at our reflection not just in the mirror but in the people we come across day to day. Silence gives us the ability to become more aware of the light in ourselves and each other.

Our worlds collide and become the same. Patterns of belief break down, and we open to each other in ways unimaginable. Silence is the power of wisdom and wisdom is the power of silence. The inward journey has always been a part of creation; we need only to rediscover it.

We are waking up to higher consciousness whether or not our egos agree. Our souls ignite delivering messages from God. We get to choose if we want to receive them or not.

Dare to go silent for yourself and discover the power of YOU. In a world of chaos, there's only one way to be, and that's the light of YOURSELF.

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